Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Birth, New Berth

Maria and Wrigley

Well hello again!  It's been a bit quiet on my end from my usual weekly post, but for good reason.  While it wasn't completely intentional to have multiple life changes at once, my husband and I found our dream house, put our townhouse on the market, and had a baby all in the same month!  Needless to say things were a bit hectic and thus the blog was ignored for a bit.  But alas, the fog has lifted, I'm back in the studio on a more full-time basis, we are settled into the house, and my sweet baby girl is getting into more of a routine.  Our sweet pup, Wrigley, has also settled into the new home and into big sisterhood nicely after realizing we haven't forgotten her (we had a few weeks of either hunger striking, or worse, taking a large scoop of kibble in her mouth and throwing it all over the floor for me to clean up, ha!).

New studio space...the before picture

Since I keep my studio in my home, it was essential for me to have a dedicated space to paint, so when we walked through our now home for the first time and saw a tile sun room, I knew it was the right place for us.  Above is the before picture with the former owner's furniture...soon to come is the after picture!  Right now I'm still in process of organizing so stay tuned.

Getting back into the swing of things has been surprisingly refreshing...recently I completed a Caribbean beach scene commission during Christmastime, and created a stadium scene for a BYU grad.  I'll be sure to post a picture next week!