Wednesday, April 17, 2013

élan Magazine Article

As a follow up to my last post, here is the article in its entirety from the April issue of élan Magazine.   Big thanks to élan for providing a .pdf of the article.  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dream Come True!

When I first started painting, I always dreamed about being in my favorite art magazine, élan.  Every month I would immediately flip it open and read all about different artists in the area, thinking about how cool and special they must be to make it into this fine arts magazine.  Even one of my favorite artists, world renown palette knife painter Howard Behrens, was featured in there one month with his captivating scenes of Italy.  It was always a goal of mine to be featured in there, and today, my dream came true.

While I had an interview for the magazine with a most wonderful woman named Donna Southworth, I had no idea when it was going to run.  So it was needless to say a huge surprise when my mom called saying that in the mail this month was her copy with my painting on the cover!!!!  How cool is that?!

Below are a few more photos of the article inside, I just can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!  So exciting!

In other news, more paintings are coming up shortly!  I just finished my snowy scene of the White House, which I was convinced was the reason for the two late snows that we had this year (kidding!).  Anyway, next up on the list is a scene of the cherry blossoms, no more snow for now!