Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kennedy Gallery!

(Photo courtesy of ecayonline.com)

Have you ever felt so content that you couldn't help yourself but let out a little laugh?  For me, that's being in Grand Cayman.  The crystal clear water, pure white sand, and abundance of palm trees delights me in a  way I almost can't describe.  That said, I feel really blessed to be able to have a piece of myself down in Cayman at the Kennedy Gallery where you can find some of my prints!  Kennedy Gallery is one of the Cayman Island's most established galleries and is located in West Shore Center off of West Bay Road in the Seven Mile Beach corridor.  There you can find everything from fine oils and watercolors to photography, prints, and even greeting cards.  They have just about everything to satiate your artistic palette!

For more information about Kennedy Gallery, please click here!  Make sure to stop by if you're in Grand Cayman!