Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Snowy White

One of the most majestic buildings in DC is by no surprise, the White House. It is stately and beautiful at the same time, and even more gorgeous covered in snow! While the DC area doesn't get too many snow storms during the winter, there is no more beautiful building to be covered in snow than the President's home. This painting is a 16"x40" oil on canvas, and I felt that the only real way to capture its true beauty was to put it on a canvas that was far wider than tall, creating a landscape view that captured the trees and the White House itself. Check out more information here.

In other news, no more snow scenes (for now)! I just recently finished up two cherry blossoms paintings, one large and one small! The small one was a commission, and it was really fun working on both of them at the same time as they were different pictures but similar in a lot of ways. Stay tuned!